housebywe guides and advises the NYC homeowner through the renovation process, coordinating on all phases of a renovation project as client scope, budget and taste demand--from evaluating the feasibility of design decisions to managing the bidding, acquisition and construction phases of the project.


  • Develops and refines architectural (CAD) drawings of targeted properties/floors/rooms to assist in renovation planning and idea trials
  • Compiles and articulates Request for Proposal (RFP) to be submitted to contractors for renovation bid proposals
  • Consults on layouts, design, materials, finishes and fixtures on coordination of work schedule to accommodate rental and/or owner unit occupancy
  • Researches and recommends prospective contractors for renovation
  • Checks references, verifies licensing and visits work sites of prospective contractors
  • Coordinates and conducts contractor and sub-contractor interviews for renovation bid proposals
  • Acts as liaison between contractor candidates and clients to clarify bid proposals, and coordinate work scheduleVisits city agencies, pulls plans and briefs clients
  • Constructs detailed architectural CAD drawings for submission to contractors (existing, demolition, construction, electrics and finishes)
  • Visits job site regularly to manage quality and pace of renovation and ensure efficient receipt of fixtures, materials and labor
  • Consults in troubleshooting the obstacles that inevitably arise during the course of construction